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 Ever explored the handmade gifting options in the corporate field? Want to impress your office mates with exclusive crafty presents? Then here’s your chance! Bunko Junko has a broad range of bespoke and classic gifting options which are not only opulent but sophisticated and perfectly suitable for employees with great taste in aesthetics. Not just gifts, but Bunko Junko supports and encourages sustainable practices for the holistic development of corporate employees as well. Here is the list of all the options that Bunko Junko can provide to the professional corporate world:   1.        Gift cards: One can gift these amazing Bunko Juno Gift Cards to their office colleagues or employees or employers and encourage them to shop for sustainable and up-cycled goodies. One can choose from a series of Rs.500, Rs.1000 or Rs.2000 gift cards     2.          DIY Workshop: Bunko Junko not only designs, produces and sells eco-friendly products but also promotes the importance of inco

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